Bruno Rossi Bags represents, today more than ever, an excellence in its production sector.

The company has been producing bags in fine leather for over 40 years, starting from the development of the “modeling and prototype” of the product, taking care of every detail until the shipment of the same in the various showrooms and shops around the world.

The care and attention we put into the creation of our bags has allowed us to “stand out” from our competitors, without sacrificing the high quality of the leather used in each creation. The care of the finishes, the attention to every detail and the workers employed in the realization of each item, make us proud of our creations.

This is the real “made in Italy”.

Company Mission and Vision

The company was founded in Fucecchio (FI) in 1973, in the heart of one of the largest “tanning centers” in the world. More than 40 years have passed, but the company’s philosophy does not change! The goal has always been the same: to produce fine leather bags with high quality standards. Our “corporate vision” has allowed us to grow and consolidate our brand, without ever forgetting the “artisanal” origins which, today more than ever, represent a point of excellence in all our creations. Our bags are sold all over the world and are exhibited in the most famous stores, alongside the most famous brands. All this makes us very proud. Our “mission“? … To remain an artisan company that produces high quality items, with the utmost attention in the selection of raw materials and scrupulous attention to every detail. Our production is proudly “artisanal” but above all “Made in Italy”.


“… design, research and development …

essential values for our company. “